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New Course Number Translation Guide


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The Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education has instituted a system-wide common course numbering policy to allow students to easily assess the transferability of classes from one Montana University System institution to another. Use the translation guide to find the new numbers for only those courses that have been renamed and renumbered.

If you want a list of all converted courses for the Montana University Systems, please click on the following link MUS Common Course Numbering Translation Guide

Old Courses


New Courses


Course Conversions

Old Course

Old Title

New Course

New Title

MATH 099 Developmental M TR0 Developmental
MATH 107 Contemporary Mathematics M 105 Contemporary Mathematics
MATH 109 Numbers as News M 104 Numbers as News
MATH 111 College Algebra M 121 College Algebra
MATH 112 Functions and Trigonometry M 122 College Trigonomety
MATH 117 Probability & Linear Math M 115 Probability and Linear Math
MATH 121 Precalculus M 151 Precalculus
MATH 130 Math Elem Teachers M 135 Mathematics for K-8 Teachers I
MATH 131 Math Elem Teachers M 136 Math for K-8 Teachers II
MATH 150 Applied Calculus M 162 Applied Calculus
MATH 152 Calculus I M 171 Calculus I
MATH 152H Honors Calculus I M 181H Honors Calculus I
MATH 153 Calculus II M 172 Calculus II
MATH 153H Honors Calculus II M 182H Honors Calculus II
MATH 158 Appl Differen Equat M 274 Intro to Differential Equation
MATH 195 Special Topics M 191 Special Topics
MATH 199 Lower-Division Elective M TR1 Lower-Division Elective
MATH 221 Linear Algebra M 221 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 225 Discrete Mathematics M 225 Intro to Discrete Mathematics
MATH 231 Topics in Geometry M 231 Topics in Geometry
MATH 241 Statistics STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 251 Calculus III M 273 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 291 Practicum M 291 Practicum
MATH 294 Seminar M 294 Seminar
MATH 295 Special Topics M 291 Special Topics
MATH 296 Independent Study M 292 Independent Study
MATH 300 Undergrad Math Seminar M 300 Undergraduate Mathematics Sem
MATH 301 Math Technol for Tchrs M 301 Math Technology for Teachers
MATH 305 Intro Abstract Math M 307 Intro to Abstract Mathematics
MATH 311 Ord Differ Equa/Syst M 311 Ordinary Diff Equations/System
MATH 317 ODE Computer Lab M 317 ODE Computer Lab
MATH 325 Discrete Mathematics M 325 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 326 Elem Number Theory M 326 Number Theory
MATH 341 Intro Probabil & Stats STAT 341 Intro to Probability and Stat
MATH 351 Advanced Calculus M 381 Advanced Calculus I
MATH 381 Discrete Optimization M 361 Discrete Optimization
MATH 382 Linear Optimization M 362 Linear Optimization
MATH 388 Linear Optimization Lab M 363 Linear Optimization Lab
MATH 390 Supervised Internship M 390 Supervised Internship
MATH 394 Seminar M 394 Seminar
MATH 395 Special Topics M 391 Special Topics
MATH 396 Independent Study M 392 Independent Study
MATH 398 Internship M 398 Internship
MATH 399 Upper-Division Elective M TR3 Upper-Division Elective
MATH 406 History of Mathematics M 429 History of Mathematics
MATH 412 Partial Differential Equat M 412 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 414 Deterministic Models M 414 Deterministic Models
MATH 418 PDE Computer Lab M 418 PDE Computer Lab
MATH 421 Abstract Algebra I M 431 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 422 Abstract Algebra II M 432 Abstract Algebra II
MATH 431 Euclid/Non-Euc Geom M 439 Euclidean & Non-Euclidean Geo
MATH 441 Mathematical Statistics STAT 421 Mathematical Statistics
MATH 442 Mathematical Statistics STAT 422 Advanced Mathematical Statisti
MATH 444 Statistical Methods STAT 451 Statistical Methods I
MATH 445 Statistical Methods STAT 452 Statistical Methods II
MATH 447 Computer Data Analysis STAT 457 Computer Data Analysis I
MATH 448 Computer Data Analysis STAT 458 Computer Data Analysis II
MATH 451 Intro to Real Analysis M 473 Introduction to Real Analysis
MATH 452 Complex Variables M 472 Intro to Complex Analysis
MATH 471 Numerical Analysis M 440 Numerical Analysis
MATH 475 Stat, Dyn, and Computat Model M 445 Stat, Dyn, and Computat Model
MATH 485 Graph Theory M 485 Graph Theory
MATH 494 Seminar M 494 Seminar
MATH 495 Special Topics M 491 Special Topics
MATH 496 Independent Study M 492 Independent Study
MATH 498 Internship M 498 Internship
MATH 499 Senior Thesis M 499 Senior Thesis
MATH 500 Curr Math Curricula M 500 Curr Math Curricula
MATH 501 Tech Math for Tchrs M 501 Tech Math for Tchrs
MATH 504 Topics in Math Education M 504 Topics in Math Education
MATH 510 Prob Solv for Tchrs M 510 Prob Solv for Tchrs
MATH 511 Adv Math Methods M 511 Adv Math Methods
MATH 512 Adv Math Methods M 512 Adv Math Methods
MATH 514 Topics Applied Math M 514 Topics Applied Math
MATH 520 Algebra for Teachers M 520 Algebra for Teachers
MATH 521 Advanced Algebra I M 521 Advanced Algebra I
MATH 522 Advanced Algebra II M 522 Advanced Algebra II
MATH 524 Topics in Algebra I M 524 Topics in Algebra I
MATH 525 Topics in Algebra II M 525 Topics in Algebra II
MATH 526 Discrete Math Tchrs M 526 Discrete Math Tchrs
MATH 530 Geometries for Tchrs M 530 Geometries for Tchrs
MATH 531 Topology M 531 Topology
MATH 532 Topology M 532 Topology
MATH 540 Probabil & Stat Tchrs M 540 Probabil & Stat Tchrs
MATH 541 Adv Math Statistics M 541 Adv Math Statistics
MATH 542 Applied Linear Models STAT 542 Applied Linear Models
MATH 543 Appl Multiv Stat Analysis M 543 Appl Multiv Stat Analysis
MATH 544 Tps Probabil/Statistics STAT 544 Tps Probabil/Statistics
MATH 545 Theory of Linear Models M 545 Theory of Linear Models
MATH 547 Applied Nonparametric Stats M 547 Applied Nonparametric Stats
MATH 549 Applied Sampling M 549 Applied Sampling
MATH 550 Analysis for Teachers M 550 Analysis for Teachers
MATH 551 Real Analysis M 551 Real Analysis
MATH 555 Functional Analysis M 555 Functional Analysis
MATH 564 Topics in Analysis M 564 Topics in Analysis
MATH 581 Combinatorics M 581 Combinatorics
MATH 582 Optimization M 582 Optimization
MATH 584 Topics in Combin and Optim M 584 Topics in Combin and Optim
MATH 593 Professional Project M 593 Professional Project
MATH 595 Special Topics M 595 Special Topics
MATH 596 Independent Study M 596 Independent Study
MATH 597 Research M 597 Research
MATH 598 Internship M 598 Internship
MATH 599 Thesis M 599 Thesis
MATH 600 Math Colloquium M 600 Math Colloquium
MATH 602 Teach College Math M 602 Teach College Math
MATH 605 Learning Theories in math M 605 Learning Theories in math
MATH 606 Math History Topics M 606 Math History Topics
MATH 610 Gr Sem Applied Math M 610 Gr Sem Applied Math
MATH 620 Gr Sem in Algebra M 620 Gr Sem in Algebra
MATH 630 Gr Sem in Topology M 630 Gr Sem in Topology
MATH 640 Gr Sem Prob & Stats STAT 640 Gr Sem Prob & Stats
MATH 650 Gr Sem in Analysis M 650 Gr Sem in Analysis
MATH 670 Gr Sem Numerical Anal M 670 Gr Sem Numerical Anal
MATH 680 Grad Sem Combin and Optim M 680 Grad Sem Combin and Optim
MATH 690 Supervised Internship M 690 Supervised Internship
MATH 691 Math Ed Research Methods M 691 Math Ed Research Methods
MATH 694 Seminar M 694 Seminar
MATH 699 Dissertation M 699 Dissertation

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