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University of Montana - Missoula Campus - Transfer Equivalencies


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Information The online Transfer Equivalency Guide is for reference use only. The equivalencies listed are the most current and are subject to change. Official transfer credit evaluations are processed in the Enrollment Services-Admissions Office.

If a course is not listed, this does not mean the course is not accepted, the course is not in our database. The left column lists transfer courses by subject in alphabetical order. The UM equivalent course subject and course number are listed on the right.

Letters attached to the UM-Missoula course number designate the course can be used toward UM general education requirements:

A - Expressive Arts N - Natural Science
L - Literary and Artistic Studies M - Math
H - Historical & Cultural Studies FL - Foreign Language/Symbolic Systems
S - Social Sciences MF - Math & Foreign Language/Symbolic Systems
E - Ethical & Human Values Non-Western Requirement - N after the perspective symbol - i.e. AN, LN, HN, etc.

The amount of credit which may be counted toward minimum credit requirements for the BA and AA degree is limited in certain areas. Credit maximum courses are given the following notations:

SK - PE Activity Skills CA - Career Skills
ST - Study Skills RO - ROTC
CO - Coaching Ensemble Music - E after the perspective symbol - i.e. AE
Performance Music - P after the perspective symbol - i.e. AP Technical Credits - T - Upon petition to the major department, a maximum of 10 technical credis may be accepted

No classes available
Transfer Equivalent Classes
   Subject Code       Course Number       Title       Credit       Subject Code       Course Number       Title       Credit       Term   
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